KMW IT Services

  • Website SEO Services

    • Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services for a Website.
      This package is for a SEO service from KMW IT Services, we also provide a tracking system and also monitoring of visitors. This will help list your website to achieve first page listing in the main search engine results. We do not guarantee this as we have to carry out work on your behalf dealing with forums and social media as well as re-wording your website.
  • Bing PPC advertising Basic

    • Advertise with bing pay per click. we offer a service to run and adjust your bing advertising qwith bing search engine, we will edit your keywords and key phrases with bing once a month to provide the best outcome for your budget.
  • Google PPC Sponsor Basic Listing

    • Google PPC or Pay Per Click sponsor listings allows you to drive visitors for your website to you. This will help create more customers for your website/business. We do not guarantee visitors will make purchases/contact with you but we will make sure relevant visitors hit your website.
  • Bespoke Website design

    • This product if for anyone wishes to have a website build and installed by us at KMW IT Services, we will support the build and install but you will need to have a support package for alterations.Four pages with words and images only.
    £5.00 GBP + £100.00 GBP Вартість встановлення (Безкоштовний домен) Один раз
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  • Bespoke Website design - Supported

    • as per bespoke website design you get four pages word and images but this package has a re-occuring payment for the support provided by KMW Services, for changes to the pages and additional pages 1 per month.
    £150.00 Вартість встановлення
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  • Monitored Computer/Server

    • Purchasing the Service from us we will monitor and install updates to windows home and server PC's, we can also help with monitoring your system performance and advise as required. We do require to install some software which will have no impact on pc/server performance and also is locked to our account and settings independently of user or administrator. We would be happy for clients to view this install process plus advise on what systems you would like monitored and what notifications you would like to know.
    £30.00 Вартість встановлення
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  • PC Computer + Monitored Support

    • A computer (base unit only) supplied and installed, configured to meet the customers needs, supported on hardware and software, plus remote monitoring and management. also optional extras.
      this price is for a dual core 2gb ram base unit only but does include an operating system. Damage is chargeable to the customer. any software support or hardware support work is charged at the customer hourly rate.
    £10.00 Вартість встановлення
    Немає в наявності
  • Laptop Rental Standard

    • This is for renting a laptop (standard) windows 7, 100GB+ hard drive and 2 GB Ram. this will also have wireless and Bluetooth built in (dongle at least) plus we will monitor and provide remote assistance at any time.
      If you want to upgrade (available till july 2016) you can also carry out this function without asking us for confirmation. Please note damage to our devices will have to be paid for. Return to base for repairs and warranty is required.
      Its a great way to have a laptop without the initial payment. We reserve the right to refuse service before or during a contract, the equiptment will remain the property of KMW IT Services at all times. Minimum contract length is 24 months.
    £10.00 Вартість встановлення
    Немає в наявності
  • Virus Removal

    • For a remote access virus removal using teamviewer.
      This service would be purchased for KMW IT Services to remove unwanted spyware or malware as long as you have teamviewer installed and or internet access to be able to install this. Once you have the ID and Password we will remote access you machine and remove the spyware such as shopperhelper and so-on.
    £40.00 GBP Один раз
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  • remote link via domain name

    • This will enable you to type in an address such as and have your network enabled system to display in the browser. this would normally be used for items such as cctv and other items that have a network browser management system built into them. please contact KMW IT Services for more information and discuss if this is the correct product for you
  • Website Support

    • Choose this product for us to update and make changes for your website. Do not buy this for us to build your website
      This will entitle you to the first 100 words and or 1 picture change before we charge our Client only hourly rate. Any questions please contact our sales/Support Desk's
      This Purchase will also entitle the customer (you) for us to work up to 2 hours per month
  • Printer Rental Scheme Basic

    • This product is for an agreed Printer rental by contract for a minimum term of 24months. this will give you a colour or black and white Laser printer on rental from KMW IT Services with a gauruntee if this unit should ever fail we will replace it free of charge. all toners are required to be purchased from KMW IT Services and no acceptions.

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