More changes at KMW IT Services

Hi To All,Up To NOW....We have just installed our purchased SSL webserver certificate and it has been a long and exhausting process.We are also using two websites at and so please fel free to use which ever website feels better for you.We are also continuing with all of our services that we currently do,Such ... Read More »

24th Oct 2017
Website information

Over the coming days we will be adding sitemaps to all websites as this will help improve things.What are these thing, well here we have found website that do not have sitemaps are reduced performance by search engines.We have also found that this will reduce our servers reputation.What is a sitemap, it is a list of pages for your website with its ... Read More »

5th Sept 2017
Moving from old to new server

We are now completed with the move from the old to the new.
We are calling all our customers to verify they are happy and all is working.
so far all our customers have said they are happy with the move and all is working.
Thank you to our customers for bearing with us while we moved from the old host to the new host.

KMW IT Services

7th Aug 2017
Moving from old to new server

Great news - We Are Moving.... We have secured a new hosting system better and cheaper than the hosting we use now.Down side is your email passwords will be reset, please contact us for more information.As we are a bit more down to earth please PHONE us as emails will be moving from the old host to the new host.Our new server is 5 times faster and ... Read More »

5th Aug 2017
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